Monday, November 14, 2005

A fatal Catch 22?!

The sharper minds amongst you may have picked up on a potentially fatal flaw in my arguments. I am still a teenager at 19 years of age, although as previously mentioned I have held these opinions from roughly the age of 17 - when I was ineligible to vote.

If I am right in my premises about young voters (particularly this one), can you the reader take those very premises of mine seriously?

If not, then does that therefore make my arguments wrong?

It's a funny catch 22 where my arguments dig their own grave to prove that they are right!

I could spin that clash of logic in different ways, but I'd like to clarify that my 'arguments' aren't actually that under 18's are all intellectually inferior!

I do think that my age adds weight to my position on this issue - past advocates of similar views on voting age have been at least middle-aged and talked about the superiority of adults etc.


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