Wednesday, November 09, 2005

NUS policy

The National Union of Students was not as sound however.

I asked them if they had a policy on it, and they do predictably want to reduce the minimum age. Their response, which I have pasted exactly here, justifies the policy basically by saying 'engagement in democracy is important' - a pretty vacuous and irrelevant statement even by their standards!* As a member, I find it a very unconvincing reason for having a corporate policy on it. They will have to be more imaginative in their justification of advocating reducing the voting age to exactly match it's membership…

"Thanks for your recent question. NUS has policy that the age of voting is reduced to 16. This is not a recent policy move, for a long time the National Union has believed that being engaed in the democracy of the nation has huge benefits to the individual and society.

For more information you might be interested to contact our Vice President Further Education who has more info around this policy."

If you would like to make representations to the Vice Pres. of Further Ed., I enquired and found out her email is

Let me know if you get any interesting responses!

*Note their bland reaction to this resignation!


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