Sunday, November 13, 2005

Turning tide

Heard of The New Party?
They are a small party with some support in
Scotland and have a raft of interesting policies.

Letting them down somewhat was their initial support for a lower voting age, but after inquiring about it a couple of months ago they told me "We no longer support votes at 16" and subsequently "On review we decided things are fine at present"

I generally believe that change comes from within and therefore reform through mainstream parties, but I respect this party not only for it's sensible change of policy but also because despite it's size it is against proportional representation on principle.

I took the time to remind Alex Folkes, caretaker of the Votesat16 campaign (and on the payroll of the Electoral Reform Society as their Press and Campaigns Officer), that The New Party should no longer be listed as a supporter on the campaign website (the one that strangely went offline for at least 3 months in the summer period) but some months later this hasn't happened for some reason...


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